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Black Diamond Weed Strain uk
Black Diamond Strain is one of the recreational products that have many names. Some people
call it Black Diamond OG while others refer it to at Black Diamond OG Kush. Whichever name
you prefer to call it, Black Diamond Strain is one of the recreational products that are heavily
consumed by marijuana lovers. It is a hybrid strain with Indica 80% and Sativa 20%.
Although many countries now cultivate Black Diamond Strain, you can find a majority of it in
Northern California where you are likely to find bred in vast parcels of land. An interesting part
of this product is that Black Diamond Strain is still very rare in terms of medical facts, and
usage. Therefore, you do not expect to find it in many legal marijuana stores.
The other unique thing about Black Diamond Strain is that it features THC levels that lie from 18
to 24%. In addition, the plant’s thin and orange buds shoot straight from the denser buds. These
buds can be frosted with trichomes to form an exceptional Black Diamond Strain product.
Key Facts

 Genetics: Black Diamond Strain is an Indica hybrid that is created when crossing Black
Diamond OG strains and Blackberry. It is a perfect recommendation for patients
undergoing medical marijuana treatment.
 The High: Users experience high levels of ecstasy, relaxation, and a high degree of
happiness, which will not happen when the patient is not using the product.
 Hybrid ratio: Indica 80%, Sativa 20%
 THC level: 18% to 24%.

 Grow information: When fully grown, Black Diamond Strain is about 30 centimeters.
The strain’s stalk, leaves, bugs, and the bud feature a variety of nice-looking colours
ranging from dense yellow to orange.  The flowers are usually large especially if they are
well cultivated in either a greenhouse or outdoors. Once mature, you can generously frost
this plant’s leaves and buds with trichomes.

Black Diamond Strain is a marijuana product of its kind that apart from giving its users a high
level of ecstasy, it tends to relax the mind. It is categorized as a mood-elevating product, thus
recommend to be taken in the evening. In the event that you are grinding the buds of this strain
from home, you are likely to smell a unique toasted and nutty odour, which in turn sooths the

The product has a sweet flavour and aroma, which is similar to that of sweet berries and grapes.
Besides, its features herbal and pine notes. Although it is surprisingly smooth
when smoking, it leaves a unique Indica taste in the throat of the user.

This weed strain contains approximately 24% THC level when cultivated in good
conditions. As such, the product causes high-end relaxation of the mind, a happy and joyful
heart, as well as a good sleep.

When taken in liberal doses in the evening, Black Diamond Strain is likely to give the user
uplifting feelings. The result is a happy and relaxed feeling. Users also experience dense and
undisturbed sleep.

While many people are struggling with lack of appetite, nearly 80% of Black Diamond Strain
users say they feel empty stomachs most of the time. It is then right to say that the product will
help users to develop appetite for food.

Black Diamond Weed Strain Grow Information
Black Diamond Strain can be grown in a greenhouse or outdoors in the field. Unfortunately, you
might not find seeds in the shops. If you intend to cultivate this plant, you will be forced to find
your own means such as visiting your neighbour or anybody you have in mind that grows Black
Diamond Strain. That way, the person will give you the cuttings.

To achieve the dense purple colour on the plant, you need to grow the product in a greenhouse,
which will give you approximately 7 degrees Celsius. When harvesting, make sure you dry it
completely before you mix it with trichomes.

Medical Uses
Black Diamond Strain has a variety of related uses. The key use is for people marred with stress.
Once a stressed person takes a bit of the product, the stress level starts to cool off. Additionally,
this strain is recommended for people suffering from depression, general body pain
that does not allow them to sleep properly, and those with insomnia cases.
It is also a good remedy for those with inflammations.

Side Effects
Although praised for what it does best,  this strain may cause a number of side
effects on the user. Some of the known side effects include dry mouth, which continues to be
seen as you are using the product, anxiety, and paranoia.
You may also experience headaches, dry eyes, and dryness and irritation of the skin.

After looking at the good, the bad, and the ugly of Black Diamond Strain, there is no doubt that it
is the ideal product for you. If you take a liberal amount, you will feel relaxed, have a sound
sleep, be a happy and cheerful person, and wake up with an uplifting and happy mind. However,
beware of the pangs of hunger this product is likely to cause.

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