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Forbidden Fruit Strain Information

Move over Adam and Eve, there’s a new Forbidden Fruit on the market! A delicious combination between the strains of Cherry Pie and Tangie, Forbidden Fruit is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a tantalizing aroma and terpene profile. With an average THC content between 24 and 26% and a suite of sedative, relaxing effects, Forbidden Fruit’s large, chunky nugs are best enjoyed before the nights go out!


Forbidden Fruit has a complex terpene profile that brings out the best of its citrusy parent strains. From its Tangie parent, notes of citrus and lemon tickle the nose with their tangy notes. On the other hand, Cherry Pie gives this flower some much-needed brightness in the form of sour cherries, tangy tropical fruit and fresh pine.


Flavour-wise, this strain follows in the footsteps of its aroma profile. On the inhale, expect to taste a brilliant combination of sweet stonefruit and tangy citrus with just a hint of pine and musk. As you circulate the smoke, you’ll also taste touches of earth and skunk. Finally, the exhale will leave you with a refreshing aftertaste that’s both smooth and musky.


As an indica-dominant hybrid, this flower has dense buds that are long and cylindrical in shape. On the surface of the buds, you’ll see a thin splattering of bright-orange hairs, a thick dusting of forest-green trichomes and deep-green leaves that’ll remind you of a divine garden. With these bomb-shell features, Forbidden Fruit tastes as good as it looks!

Forbidden Fruit Strain Effects

Forbidden Fruit’s sweet aroma and flavour profile might lull you into a false sense of security but make no mistake about it, this strain is definitely not for beginners. After all, it’s not called the Forbidden Fruit for nothing! While its buds burn smooth and right, its indica-dominant effects quickly sweep the floor for any user unaware of its effects. As soon as you take the first toke, you’ll enter a chill and relaxed state of mind that’s perfect for unwinding after a long day. As the effects progress, the head high builds into a body high that slowly creeps down through to the rest of your body. Since its mental effects are strong, you’re likely going to fall into a state of couch lock without even realizing when or how you did! This strain’s calming, sedative effects make it ideal for nighttime use and for relief from insomnia and any other sleep disorders.

THC Content

24 to 26%

Buy Forbidden Fruit Strain Online

A delicious combination between the strains of Cherry Pie and Tangie, Forbidden Fruit is a potent indica-dominant hybrid with a tantalizing aroma and terpene profile. Packing an average THC content of 24 to 26%, this strain is definitely not for beginners! Delivering calming and sedative effects with its smooth and fruity smoke, Forbidden Fruit is best enjoyed as a nightcap before bed or as a nighttime treat!

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1g, 3.5g (‘eighth’ of an ounce), 7g (‘quarter’ of an ounce), 14g (‘half’ ounce), 28g (ounce)


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